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When is comes to Mobile home insurance we have nearly 25 years experience in providing expert quotes Ohio Manufactured Home Insurancewith nearly all the top companies.  Why spend your time calling agent after agent, company after company to get just one option?  Each call could average you about 15 minutes or more. Let us do the shopping. We will save you time and find the coverage and price you are looking for. It’s Free and there is no obligation.  That is because we are confident with our work.

We shop for the best prices and coverage’s with these fine companies… FREE! QUOTE NOW 

  • Seaview Insurance Company
  • American Modern Insurance Company
  • American Reliable Insurance Company
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • Banboo Insurance
  • Pacific Specialty Insurance
  • and more…


In addition to those Mobile home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance market we have specialty insurance carriers that will provide quotes for Farm & Ranches and more. So why go anywhere else.

Ohio Mobile Home Insurance – Program Highlights Standard or Optional?

Policy coverage’s and endorsement vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company and from State to State. Our trained staff will review your submission and review term and conditions of your “actual quote” and will be happy to answer any questions that you have.  Here are a few of the standard or optional items:

  • Age of home – limited with some carriers and “all ages” acceptable to others
  • Fire Protection Rating/Class – Protection Classes 1-8 with some and “all classes” with others
  • Occupancy Uses Allowed – Owner, Seasonal, Rental and Tenant
  • Replacement Cost – Available up to a certain year of age
  • Location – In a park or on privately owned land
  • Rental – Multiple Units may be scheduled on a single policy with some
  • Value – Maximum $250,000 TIV $150,000 varies by geography.
  • Travel Trailer – Acceptable if used as a Seasonal or Secondary home and permanently Sited
  • Hobby Farm Endorsement – Available with some carriers
  • Prior claims – Yes, acceptable with some carriers.
  • and much more…

Manufactured Home Insurance – States & Counties – Athena Insurance writes in multiple States and almost all Counties within those States. In other words, if we are licensed in that State we write in all Counties within that State in most circumstances.

Finding Mobile Home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance difficult in high risk protection class areas?

With our broad band of insurance carriers we are certain to find insurance for you needs. So, if you have been cancelled, declined or non-renewed give us a call to see what we can do or complete an application form now.

Want to submit information for underwriting review now? The turn-around time for a quote is 24 to 48 hours M-F.

Please upload a photo of any outbuildings, wood stoves and of the unit if possible. This helps us in quoting and we appreciate your cooperation.


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