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Athena Insurance Founded 1996

Athena Insurance and Financial Services started it’s root originally in the town of Jackson California in 1996.  Then, the agency was under that name of Steve Valencia.

Steve was a independent contractor for an agency named Galli Insurance Services up until the business was sold to an out of town organization 1995.  Near that time Steve ventured out on his own to start Athena Insurance and Financial Services.

Today Athena Insurance and Financial Services is licensed in numbers States. (see licence table below)

Steve Valencia – Broker Founder

Steve entered into the insurance as a career in 1980 as a Life Insurance agent for Prudential life. Within a short period of time he became licensed for property & casualty and eventually added a securities license.

Then in 1985 he moved to Calaveras County to help his father rezone and develop a mini-storage, retail nursery and landscaping company.

Eventually, in 1993, Steve returned to the insurance industry as an independent contractor with Galli Insurance Services and you already know the rest of the story.

Our Companies

The broker often uses the analogy of the “kinds of insurance” policies we offer to a tradesmens tool box.  For some tradesmen all they need is a small box, one they can easily carry and with a limited amount of tools. “Once company, only a handful of insurance products.”  We on the other hand have a tractor-trailer panel truck! We have access to nearly 200 insurance carriers and write a wide variety of insurance types.

Athena Insurance and Financial Services, with written agency agreement, has access to Insurance Carriers directly and indirectly.  Our indirect appointment are handled by General Managing Agencies call MGA’s.   MGA’s are the ‘wholesales’ agency that deal only with Independent Broker like Athena Insurance.  And… there are many of us Independent Brokers around.

So, if you have an agent that says “I cannot write that type of insurance. Keep our name and number handy.  If you want a business card for your files just call 209 223-1870 and ask for some business cards to be mailed to you for future reference. We will be glad to honor your request.

Our Services

Our services are vital and necessary.  At least that is how we feel. We are not only the public agent and representative but we are also their advocate when things go wrong.  If you are fortunate to never have had an insurance situation go wrong then your agent must be doing a great job.  But event a great agent has counter parts to work with in claims, billing, inspections and audits.

There are times when you and “someone” just do not see eye-to-eye and this is where we come into play. We want to know when something does not go right “immediately!”  We are not just here to sell you a policy.  And yes, we do have some do’s and do nots.

Do pay your bills on time and make your payments directly to the address on your invoices.

Do report your claims to us or the insurance carrier immediately or as soon as possible.

Don’t be late on payments. With property & casualty policies there are no such things as “grace” periods.  (grace periods apply to life, health and disability)  Many people confuse a “reinstatement period with a grace period. They are not the same thing.  Think about the logic and meaning of the word “reinstate”… the opposite would be “in force” correct or “instate” in effect.

Don’t pay you bill on the date it is due.  Do you remember the New Years eve parties? Watching the clock and at one second after the midnight hour… it’s the New Year.  Well at in second after the date of expiration date you are driving around with no coverage. Or there is no coverage on the property. And rushing to use with a payment will not work.

Don’t not report an accident. Never get tricked on letting someone off the hook by them saying they do not have their id or insurance.


Athena Insurance and Financial Services
P.O. Box 390
Pine Grove CA 95665

Ph: 209-223-1870
Fx: 209-223-3227

California License #0588228 / National Producer License number #2703940


I first entered into the Insurance Industry back in 1980 with the Prudential Insurance of America. While with the “Pru”… I serviced and sold life, auto and home insurance as a “captive debit Agent.”  I literally walked the community on foot in stevethe City of Fremont California, knocked on client’s and prospect’s doors and introduced myself.

On most “policy service reviews” I literally spent hours of time reviewing policies from the Carrier I represented and from other Insurance companies. Today, I spend a great deal of time performing similar policy reviews but I no longer walk the territory on foot.

“Walking the communities in six States would cost me a fortune on shoes! lol”

Today with internet technology, phone, email and fax I literally write and bind insurance coverage in six States right here from my office in Pine Grove.  If you really want to see my smiley face you might be able to get me to plugin a web cam… or not!

As an Independent Insurance Broker and Agent  I represent you.  I am not an employee of any Insurance carrier.  That is the current distinction between and Agent and a Broker.  To me.. this means that my hands are free to shop your insurance with any Insurance Company or Managing General Agency that best fits your insurance needs.

What does that mean?

It means that today, to meet your insurance needs, we have access to nearly 200 Insurance companies. We are also associated with over 500 other insurance agencies.  Athena Insurance and Financial Services can bring to you quality companies such as The Hartford Insurance Company, Allied / Nationwide Insurance, The Travelers and others.

We also have Specialty Markets for the Agricultural Industry, Construction Industry, Marine and more…

With our fine line of Personal Insurance we have access to Covered California,  Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente and more…. but what is most important “you” have access to us.  Together with my fine staff of Customer Service staff and our supporting Claims adjusters, Underwriters and Marketing Representative we allow you to “Make the Wise Choice…and have Peace of Mind.”

Kind regards,

S Valencia



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