Frequently Asked Questions

Why register? 

You do not “have to” register. Clients and Prospects are not “required” to register on this site. You may  “want” to register in order to receive news letters (maybe twice per year), be granted permissions to to view certain areas of this site and receive 24/7 access to information regarding how to get service on your policies.

Does it cost anything to register on this site?

No it does not cost anything to register on this site and no financial or confidential information that is not already public record will be asked except for contact information so that we may contact you.  If you do not want us to contact you then there is really no need for you to register on this site.

What if I do not have insurance with you?

If you do not have insurance with us but you are interested in our services then we will consider you a Visitor / Guest and you are welcome to register. All registrations will be viewed for eligibility. If you have submitted a contact request or are in the process of having us quote insurance for you then we consider you a Prospect. In both scenarios you are welcome to register.

Can I switch my insurance to you?

There is a very good chance that you can switch your insurance to us since we write with nearly 200 insurance companies. In order to switch we would need to do the following:

  • We would require a re-review of your current policy as to not assume the prior agent covered all the basis,
  • We would require in some cases hard copy loss runs within the last 30 days on Commercial Accounts,
  • We would want to time the Broker / Agent change request to be within approximately 45 days of the current expiration,
  • We would also re-shop your insurance to see if we have markets that are better suited for your situation.

If this sounds like something that you would like to do please use our contact form by clicking here.

What if I live outside of the United States?

It all depends on the kind of insurance you are looking for. Our agency is constantly looking to improve our market presence in a positive fashion. Currently we offer several types of insurance in Mexico. And, in Canada we offer Surety bonds.

Why do I have to register to see all the pages?

Security and errors and omissions are of great concern. Our existing Clients have had business conversations with us regarding our services and the type of policies that they have. In most cases they have signed an agreement regarding our transactions or we have documented our conversations on our Agency Management Systems.  This means that in using our services they “understand” how we do business.  If you would like to become a Client give us a call or complete a quote request or contact form.

Do you charge a fee to review insurance because you are a Broker?

No! We do not charge a fee to review your insurance policies. We would like to know if you are seeking to change Agents.

If you are just wanting a second opinion and have no intention of ever switching then.. maybe we are not a good fit. We do want to help.. but…we also have to pay our expenses.

Do you charge broker fees?

No and yes! On all of our “Personal lines” direct appointment WE DO NOT charge a brokers fee. On some of our personal lines we do! For example when we write with a company like Lloyds of London (on a non-admitted, agency bill basis) we do.  Also, on all of our Agency Bill accounts we charge fee but they are never a surprise. Accounts such as Trucking, Construction and Agriculture require lengthy reviews on an annual basis. Many require the issuance of renewal certificates or re-marketing.  Our fees are fair and they are disclosed upfront when we present the quote to you.

Do you charge fees to make changes to my personal lines of insurance?

No. We do not charge fees to service any part of your personal lines insurance. NO FEES for auto changes, no fees for driver changes and no fees for re-marketing and re-writing to save you money. This is one of the best aspects of having a broker that does not charge you fees! You can call us to re-market your insurance every so often and we will be glad to do so. Even better, you do not have to start all over again with your personal and confidential data… we will already have it if you are an existing client.

Do you offer discounts?

We do! But discounts do not in themselves mean that you are going to save money. For the first twelve years in business I was able to beat the competition in coverage and price in a majority of scenarios. Today we can mix-and-match or we can offer package discounts.

When the subject of discounts if discussed it is important to note that there are different kinds of discounts that apply to Personal Insurance vs Business/Commercial Insurance.

Personal Insurance such as auto or home have multiple policy discounts, alarm discounts, smoke, dead bolt and fire extinguisher discounts, senior discounts, married discounts, claim free discounts….whew… occupational discounts, anti-brake discounts, theft alarm discounts, driver safety discounts and more…The list is long.. Imaging trying to get all that into an online program to get it to work with nearly 200 insurance companies. This is why it is a good idea to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable agent.

Do you require our entire insurance business?

No. We have heard of some Agencies do require you to move all your insurance to them in order for them to assist you with just one account. I can see why this would happen. Let’s imagine a Baseball analogy.  Anyone that has watched or played baseball has seen the “high fly” to the outfield.  The players are running to catch the ball whilst all yelling “I got it, I got it..” and then… they are all looking at one another for just that one brief moment thinking…” I thought you said you had it!” lol

“Not funny if you are the Client and find out none of the agents caught the blind spot in your coverage”

And thus the reason that we would like to ask you a variety of questions surrounding that just one policy if we know there are other agents in the mix.

How can I find out if you offer a particular type of insurance? 

Located on the right “side-bar” is a text search box. If you type in things like, Life Insurance or Auto Insurance it should bring up post, articles, news or quote forms. By the way.. if you want a quote and need the form.  Try putting the word “Quote” before the insurance type. If you do not find the form please give our office a call or use one of our contact forms. Thank you.

What States do you provide insurance in?

Please view this table for a list of States by clicking here.

What if I have more questions? 

Call 209-223-1870 or use this contact form here.

What are you hours of operation?

Office hours are from Monday through Friday 9:am to 5:pm pst.  In office appointment require a pre-scheduled appointment. We are closed on most holidays.

What if I need to make a payment or report an accident? 

Click here for a list of insurance carriers names, claim and bill paying numbers.  If you missed a payment and your policy has cancelled you cannot be bound by leaving us a message that you wanted to make a payment. Likewise you cannot make changes to your policy via the voice message either. Check your policy for Bill Paying and Claims numbers. Call them to report a claim or pay whenever possible.


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