Personal InsuranceCommercial InsuranceAgricultural
Personal AutoCommercial PropertyCommercial Agriculture
Personal HomeCommercial AutoFarm & Ranch Property
Classic AutoTrucking Equine Mortality
Life InsuranceKey Man InsuranceWorkers Compensation
Health InsuranceGroup HealthCrop Insurance
Dwelling Rented to othersContractor GLEquipment
Renters Insurance for rentersTool CoverageChristmas Tree Farms
Season HomeOffice PackageHorse Shows
Vacation RentalBondsEquine Liability
BoatsCommercial MarineHorse Ranch
MotorcyclesBed & BreakfastHobby Farm
Personal BoatersMarine Cargo
MotorcyclesProfessional Liability
MotorhomesFleet Auto
Jet SkisManufacturers Liability
Snow MobilesLoggers Broad Form Liability
CollectiblesBuilders Risk
Collector MotorcyclesGeneral Liability
Hot RodsLumber Yards
Seasonal HomesLoggers
Sand & Gravel
Big Rig Roadside Service
Agriculture, Forestry, FishingA
Agricultural Production CropsA01
Cash GrainsA011
Cash Grains, Not Classified ElsewhereA0119
Field Crops, Except Cash GrainsA013
Sugarcane & Sugar BeetsA0133
Irish PotatoesA0134
Field Crops, Except Cash Grains, Not Classified ElsewhereA0139
Vegetables & MelonsA016
Vegetables & MelonsA0161
Fruits and Tree NutsA017
Berry CropsA0171
Tree NutsA0173
Citrus FruitsA0174
Deciduous Tree FruitsA0175
Fruits and Tree Nuts, Not Classified ElsewhereA0171
Horticultural SpecialtiesA018
Ornamental Floriculture & Nursery ProductsA0181
Food Crops Grown Under CoverA0182
General Farms, Primarily CropsA019
General Farms, Primarily CropsA0191
Agriculture Livestock Production & Animal Specialties A02
Livestock, Except Dairy And PoultryA021
Beef Cattle FeedlotsA0211
Beef Cattle, Except FeedlotsA0212
Sheep and GoatsA0214
General Livestock, Except Dairy and PoultryA0219
Dairy FarmsA024
Dairy FarmsA0241
Poultry And EggsA025
Broiler, Fryer, and Roaster ChickensA0251
Chicken EggsA0252
Turkeys and Turkey EggsA0253
Poultry HatcheriesA0254
Poultry and Eggs, Not Elsewhere ClassifiedA0259
Animal SpecialtiesA027
Fur-Bearing Animals and RabbitA0271
Horses and Other EquinesA0272
Animal AquacultureA0273
Animal Specialties, Not Elsewhere ClassifiedA0279
General Farms, Primarily Livestock And AnimalA029
General Farms, Primarily Livestock and Animal SpecialtiesA0291
Agricultural ServicesA07
Soil Preparation ServicesA071
Soil Preparation ServicesA0711
Crop ServicesA072
Crop Planting, Cultivating, and ProtectingA0721
Crop Harvesting, Primarily by MachineA0722
Crop Preparation Services for Market, Except Cotton GinningA0723
Cotton GinningA0724
Veterinary ServicesA074
Veterinary Services for LivestockA0741
Veterinary Services for Animal SpecialtiesA0742
Livestock Services, Except VeterinaryA0751
Animal Specialty Services, Except VeterinaryA0752
Farm Labor And Management ServicesA076
Farm Labor Contractors and Crew LeadersA0761
Farm Management ServicesA0762
Landscape And Horticultural ServicesA078
Landscape Counseling and PlanningA0781
Lawn and Garden ServicesA0782
Ornamental Shrub and Tree ServicesA0783
Timber TractsA081
Timber TractsA0811
Forest Nurseries And Gathering Of ForestA083
Forest Nurseries and Gathering of Forest ProductsA0831
Forestry ServicesA085
Forestry ServicesA0851
Fishing, hunting, and trappingA09
Commercial FishingA091
Miscellaneous Marine ProductsA0919
Fish Hatcheries And PreservesA092
Fish Hatcheries and PreservesA0921
Hunting And Trapping, And Game PropagationA097
Hunting and Trapping, and Game PropagationA0971
Metal miningB10
Iron oresB101
Iron oresB1011
Iron ore miningB1011
Copper oresB102
Copper oresB1021
Copper ore & nickel ore mining (pt)B1021
Lead and zinc oresB103
Lead & zinc oresB1031
Lead ore & zinc ore miningB1031
Gold and silver oresB104
Gold oresB1041
Gold ore miningB1041
Silver oresB1044
Silver ore miningB1044
Metal mining servicesB108
Metal mining servicesB1081
Support activities for metal miningB1081
Geophysical surveying & mapping services (pt)B1081
Miscellaneous metal oresB109
Uranium-radium-vanadium oresB1094
Uranium-radium-vanadium ore miningB1094
Misc metal ores, n.e.c., & ferroalloy ores, exc vanadiumB1061
Copper ore & nickel ore mining (pt)B1099
All other metal ore miningB1099
Coal miningB12
Bituminous coal and lignite miningB122
Bituminous coal & lignite - surfaceB1221
Bituminous coal & lignite surface miningB1221
Bituminous coal - undergroundB1222
Bituminous coal underground miningB1222
Anthracite miningB123
Anthracite miningB1231
Anthracite miningB1231
Coal mining servicesB124
Coal mining servicesB1241
Support activities for coal miningB1241
Oil and gas extractionB13
Crude petroleum and natural gasB131
Crude petroleum & natural gasB1311
Crude petroleum & natural gas extractionB1311
Natural gas liquidsB132
Natural gas liquidsB1321
Natural gas liquid extractionB1321
Oil and gas field servicesB138
Drilling oil & gas wellsB1381
Drilling oil & gas wellsB1381
Oil & gas exploration servicesB1382
Support activities for oil & gas operations (pt)B1382
Geophysical surveying & mapping services (pt)B1382
Oil & gas field services, n.e.c.B1389
Support activities for oil & gas operations (pt)B1389
Nonmetallic minerals, except fuelsB14
Dimension stoneB141
Dimension stoneB1411
Dimension stone mining & quarryingB1411
Crushed and broken stone, including riprapB142
Crushed & broken limestoneB1422
Crushed & broken limestone mining & quarryingB1422
Crushed & broken graniteB1423
Crushed & broken granite mining & quarryingB1423
Crushed & broken stone, n.e.c.B1429
Other crushed & broken stone mining & quarrying (pt)B1429
Sand and gravelB144
Construction sand & gravelB1442
Construction sand & gravel miningB1442
Industrial sandB1446
Industrial sand miningB1446
Clay, ceramic, and refractory mineralsB145
Kaolin & ball clayB1455
Kaolin & ball clay miningB1455
Clay, ceramic, & refractory minerals, n.e.c.B1459
Clay & ceramic & refractory minerals miningB1459
Chemical and fertilizer mineral miningB147
Potash, soda, & borate mineralsB1474
Potash, soda, & borate mineral miningB1474
Phosphate rockB1475
Phosphate rock miningB1475
Chemical & fertilizer mineral mining, n.e.c.B1479
Other chemical & fertilizer mineral miningB1479
Nonmetallic minerals services, except fuelsB148
Nonmetallic minerals services, except fuelsB1481
Support activities for nonmetallic minerals (except fuels)B1481
Geophys srvyng serv for nonmet min (exc fuels), contract basisB1481
Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuelsB149
Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuelsB1499
Other crushed & broken stone mining & quarrying (pt)B1499
All other nonmetallic mineral miningB1499
Construction industriesC
Building construction--general contractors and operative buildersC15
General contractors--residential buildingsC152
General contractors--single-family housesC1521
Single-family housing construction (pt)C1521
General contractors--residential bldgs, other than single-familyC1522
Multifamily housing construction (pt)C1522
Commercial & institutional building construction (pt)C1522
Operative buildersC153
Operative buildersC1531
Single-family housing construction (pt)C1531
Multifamily housing construction (pt)C1531
Mfg & industrial building construction (pt)C1531
Commercial & institutional building construction (pt)C1531
General building contractors--nonresidential buildingsC154
General contractors--industrial buildings & warehousesC1541
Mfg & industrial building construction (pt)C1541
Commercial & institutional building construction (pt)C1541
General contractors--nonresidential bldgs, exc indust bldgs/whsesC1542
Commercial & institutional building construction (pt)C1542
Heavy construction other than buildings construction--contractorsC16
Highway and street construction contractors, except elevated highwaysC161
Highway & street construction contractors, exc elevated highwaysC1611
Highway & street constructionC1611
Heavy construction, except highway and street constructionC162
Bridge, tunnel, & elevated highway construction contractorsC1622
Bridge & tunnel constructionC1622
Water, sewer, pipeline, & communications & power line constrC1623
Water, sewer, & pipeline constructionC1623
Power & communication transmission line constructionC1623
Heavy construction, n.e.c.C1629
Industrial nonbuilding structure constructionC1629
All other heavy construction (pt)C1629
Construction--Special trade contractorsC17
Plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning special trade contractorsC171
Plumbing, heating, & air-conditioning special trade contractorsC1711
Plumbing, heating, & air-conditioning contractorsC1711
Painting and paper hanging special trade contractorsC172
Painting & paper hanging special trade contractorsC1721
Painting & wall covering contractors (pt)C1721
Electrical work special trade contractorsC173
Electrical work special trade contractorsC1731
Electrical contractorsC1731
Masonry, stone work, tile setting, and plastering special trade contractorsC174
Masonry, stone setting, & oth stone work special trade contrC1741
Masonry & stone contractorsC1741
Plastering, drywall, acoustical, & insul work special trade contrC1742
Drywall, plastering, acoustical, & insulation contractors (pt)C1742
Terrazzo, tile, marble, & mosaic work special trade contractorsC1743
Drywall, plastering, acoustical, & insulation contractors (pt)C1743
Tile, marble, terrazzo, & mosaic contractorsC1743
Carpentry and floor work special trade contractorsC175
Carpentry work special trade contractorsC1751
Carpentry contractorsC1751
Floor laying & other floor work special trade contractors, n.e.c.C1752
Floor laying & other floor contractorsC1752
Roofing, siding, and sheet metal work special trade contractorsC176
Roofing, siding, & sheet metal work special trade contractorsC1761
Roofing, siding, & sheet metal contractorsC1761
Concrete work special trade contractorsC177
Concrete work special trade contractorsC1771
Drywall, plastering, acoustical, & insulation contractors (pt)C1771
Concrete contractorsC1771
Water well drilling special trade contractorsC178
Water well drilling special trade contractorsC1781
Water well drilling contractorsC1781
Miscellaneous special trade contractorsC179
Structural steel erection special trade contractorsC1791
Structural steel erection contractorsC1791
Glass & glazing work special trade contractorsC1793
Glass & glazing contractors (pt)C1793
Excavation work special trade contractorsC1794
Excavation contractorsC1794
Wrecking & demolition work special trade contractorsC1795
Wrecking & demolition contractorsC1795
Install or erection of bldg equip, special trade contr, n.e.c.C1796
Building equip & other machinery installation contractorsC1796
Special trade contractors, n.e.c.C1799
All other special trade contractorsC1799
Asbestos abatement & lead paint removalC1799