Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services is a leader in Construction Insurance Services. We specialize in the Small and Mid-sized Construction firms.  Our broker has been a former licensed C-27 Contractor , land developer and has over 25 years of insurance experience.

Mid-Sized Construction Firms

Our definition of a mid-sized firm is estimated to be firms with employees between 101 to 999.  Gross receipt between 10,000,000 to 1.2 billion annually.

Small Construction Firms

Our definition of a small firm is between 1 – 100 employees.  Gross receipts of between $50,000 to 9,000,000 annually.

New Ventures

We accept applications for new ventures.

Contractor Insurance Services & Lines of Insurance

At Athena Insurance it begins with an interview between our broker and you or a member of your firm that is dedicated to your insurance matters.  It is important to gather information about your firms current operations, it’s history and experience.  In this way we begin to gain insight into how our agency can best meet your insurance needs.

Once we determine that we are a good fit for you and can satisfy your needs we go into a more detailed fact finding approach.  We also require insurance history in the form of prior insurance carrier loss runs and in some instances resume’s on the owners or managers.

Once we gather the information we package the information and present it to several of our insurance companies underwriters for review.  They, the underwriters, intern will come back in many instances with more inquiries to make certain our information and yours is accurate and complete.

Then, we begin to gather quotes from the carriers and present our finding, discuss and consult with you to come to a final decision on how to best proceed to meet your insurance needs.

Here is a partial list of our insurance services for Contractors:

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial / Business Auto
  • Inland Marine / Equipment
  • Business Owner’s Office Policy / BOP
  • Business Personal Property
  • Builders Risk / Course of Construction
    • Installation Floaters
    • One Shot
    • Reporting form
    • Unsold & Tradein
    • Model Homes
  • Bonds / License / Bid & Performance / Maintenance and more
  • WRAP Insurance
  • OCIP Insurance
  • Small Group and Individual Health
  • Life / Keyman and Buy-Sell

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