Contractor Insurance General Liability

Contractor Insurance General Liability

Update 09/26/2021 Great news!  We have now added “Quick Quote” rating. It is fast

We have partnered with top rated Managing General Agency to provide a “Quick Quote” for a large number of Contractor / Artisan classes. To obtain a Quick Quote you have the option to “hover over the Contractor” text in the site’s main menu, Click on the “Green Quick Quote” button above or you can click here for a directory list with links to start your quote today.

Note; certain very large construction firms or certain specialty classes will not quote on the Quick Quote engine but, not to worry, we can still help you by having you complete a web form by clicking here.

Where We Do Business

Athena Insurance and Financial Services, founding in 1996, now operates in all States except for Hawaii.  For a list of licenses please click here.

We write nearly “ALL” classes of construction insurance with Nationally recognized insurance companies both Admitted and Non-Admitted.  We also write “new startups” with owner operators and multi-national firms.

There is virtually no construction class we cannot cover.

For a complete list of “links” for your General Liability Insurance click here.

We Are Committed to Contractors!

The Broker and Founder of Athena Insurance and Financial Services is committed to the Construction Industry.

In 1980 Steve Valencia began to develop a Contractor Finder site.  It’s original site address was He believed so strongly that he leverage his home to build the site.

Then, in 1980’s the bottom fell out of the Real Estate Industry. With the near crash of the economy, and the loss of income from his client contractors, he lost the home to foreclosure. Nearly everything went in the bankruptcy.  But, by the grace of God, he was able to keep the insurance agency.

Then, a many years later, that spirit came over him to once again to personally take on the web development of And, today the site is renamed to .

What’s in it for you? The answer is, FREE ADVERTISING. (no purchase required)

Just so that you know, there are various levels of subscription.  There is a free subscription and upgraded for a price subscriptions and more.

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