Contractor General Liability Insurance

Contractor, in this table you can link to either a quick instant quote or a web application. Note! Coverage is not bound in requesting a quote. You will be contacted by our license agents. The information you provide is confidential and not shared or sold to any other entities. The strict purpose is to allow us to assist you with our services with us and through our sister companies. All of which are 100% owned here in the U.S.  The only exception will be the following: Applications will be submitted to various Insurance Carriers and their Underwriters for review.

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Contractor Trade
Coverage NOT bound until notified in writing.
Underwriting "in general." All submissions subject to approval.
Air Conditioning

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Appliance Installation - Commercial

Appliance Installation - Household

Carpentry - Residential

Carpentry - Interior

Carpentry - Commercial

Carpentry - Shop Only

Carpentry - Handyperson

Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning

Ceiling/Wall Installation - Metal

Communication, Sound, Home Theatre – Equipment Installation

Concrete Construction

Conduit Construction - Cable/Wire

Contractors Permanent Yards

Debris Removal - construction site

Door/Millwork Installation

Water Well Drilling

Driveway/Sidewalk Paving

Drywall – Commercial New & Residential Remodel

Drywall – New Residential

Electrical Apparatus

Electrical - Within Buildings


Fence Erection

Floor Covering

Furniture or Fixture Installation

General Contractor

Heat/AC - up to 15% LPG (varies by carrier)

House Furnishing Installation

Janitorial - Commercial

Landscaping Gardening/Lawn Care (Mow, Blow and Go)


Metal Erection - Decorative

Metal Erection – Non-Structural

Paint Exterior (3 stories & Under)

Paint Interior



Plumbing Commercial

Plumbing Residential

Prefabricated Building Erection

Refrigeration Equipment Installation/Service

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Installation

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Mains Construction

Siding and Gutter Installation

Sign Erection

Sign Painting

Satellite Dish Installation

Tile/Stone Installation