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Janitorial Services Insurance

We are happy to announce a new insurance product for the Janitorial Services Industry Sector.  All size from small business to multi-state.  Great rates and great coverage. Ask for a quote today.

Quote CBD, Hemp & Marijuana

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    • General Liability

    • Business Personal Property

    • Stock and Inventory Coverage

    • Cargo Coverage

    • Optional Promotion of your Business


    Mobile Home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance

    Mobile Home Insurance

    Mobile Home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services are the best! We fee it is the best because in addition to fast, friendly and kind service, we shop for the best prices and coverage’s with these fine companies… with no added fees.

    • Aegis Security Insurance Company
    • American Modern Insurance Company
    • American Reliable Insurance Company
    • Foremost Insurance Group

    In addition to those Mobile home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance market we have specialty insurance carriers that will provide quotes for Farm & Ranches and more. So why go anywhere else.

    Program Highlights Standard or Optional?

    Policy coverage’s and endorsement vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company and from State to State. Our trained staff will review your submission and review term and conditions of your “actual quote” and will be happy to answer any questions that you have.  Here are a few of the standard or optional items:

    • Age of home – limited with some carriers and “all ages” acceptable to others
    • Fire Protection Rating/Class – Protection Classes 1-8 with some and “all classes” with others
    • Occupancy Uses Allowed – Owner, Seasonal, Rental and Tenant
    • Replacement Cost – Available up to a certain year of age
    • Location – In a park or on privately owned land
    • Rental – Multiple Units may be scheduled on a single policy with some
    • Value – Maximum $250,000 TIV $150,000 varies by geography.
    • Travel Trailer – Acceptable if used as a Seasonal or Secondary home and permanently Sited
    • Hobby Farm Endorsement – Available with some carriers
    • Prior claims – Yes, acceptable with some carriers.

    States & Counties – Athena Insurance writes in multiple States and almost all Counties within those States. In other words, if we are licensed in that State we write in all Counties within that State in most circumstances.

    Finding Mobile Home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance difficult in high risk areas?

    With our broad band of insurance carriers we are certain to find insurance for you needs. So, if you have been cancelled, declined or non-renewed give us a call to see what we can do or complete an application form now.

    Want to submit information for underwriting review now? The turn-around time for a quote is 24 to 48 hours M-F.

    Please upload a photo of any outbuildings, wood stoves and of the unit if possible. This helps us in quoting and we appreciate your cooperation.

    Associated Loggers the free Membership Site

    Associated Loggers

    The free membership site.  NO fees, NO Dues no Mandatory meetings. Shop for insurance and possibly save thousands.

    How will AssociatedLogger.com be better?

    First of all we are free! No dues, no fees and no mandatory meetings.

    Next, your business will have access to free online advertising in our SEO’d business directory. Take control of your companies advertising and do it for free. You will have 24/7 access to create and update your online business so that other business and landowners everywhere will see you online.

    Got an opinion and want to share?

    You can! Make your opinion count with the other hundreds if not thousands of other business listing owner on AssociatedLoggers.com.

    No longer will your opinion be silenced from the “click” of other vocal member in your association. Your words count on AssociatedLoggers.com.  Join or start a forum. It’s free!

    Insurance for Loggers and the Timber Industry

    Athena Insurance will offer it’s services to the Timber Industry for General liability, Loggers Broad Form, Workers Compensation, Trucking General Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, Equipment, Life and Health.  As Independent brokers we operate in the best interest of “each independent business” and not try to “sway” members into any “one” carrier for our benefit.  We work for the client… not the insurance carrier. How can we do that?

    How is it that we can represent the client and not the company?  The answer is… we enter into written agency contracts with both insurance carriers or their Managing General Agent to market and produce business in accordance with State laws and insurance carriers underwriting accepted practices.  At this time, and hopefully always, we work with carriers that do not force us to produce a certain “amount” of volume with them in order to maintain the insurance policies.

    In addition we are free to look at each business individually and find the insurance that is just right.

    Do you know of someone in the Timber Industry? Please share your finding with them today.

    Kind regards,

    Athena Insurance and Financial Services

    S Valencia / Owner and Broker
    CA 0588228 / National 2709340

    Business Insurance

    Business Owners Package

    Business Owners Package Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services is the best. We offer a varierty of business owners packages such as insurance for this Floral Shop.  This business owner can rest assured, that after qualifying for a preferred package that she is covered with some of the best coverages in the World.

    But there is more to BOP’s than just insurance for Floral Shops.  Check this out…. read more.

    • Retail Stores & Services – a wide variety of categories are eligible for BOP
    • Professional Services – a wide variety of categories are eligible for BOP
    • Auto Services
      • Local drivers depend on your for quality auto repair service to get them back behind the wheel fast. If your business is interrupted due to an unexpected incident, will your insruance help you get back in the driver’s seat quickly?
      • Any number of events can threaten your day-to-day operation, and Nationwide provides complete, afforadable automotive repair shop insurance to help pay for repairs or settle damages that might otherwise seriously threaten your business.
    • Contractors
      • Contarctors face unique and often dangerous risks everyday on the job. Whether you’re and electrical, excavation or plumbing and HVAC contractor, y ou know that in a split second accidents can happen. Because every business is different, commercial insurance solutions for contractors can range from a standard policy to a more thorough mix of coverages. The type of contracting business you own -such as janitorial, engineering or building- as well as its size and location will affect the types of insruance you may need.  Click here for your Contractors quote today.

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    Marijuana Insurance

    Hemp, CBD & Marijuana Insurance

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      Accepted file types: jpg, gif, pdf, Max. file size: 2 GB, Max. files: 5.
      • Section 1 - General Information

      • Trade Associations

      • List your projected sales/donations by category for the next 12 months

        If it does not apply to you type in "n/a" please.
      • Location 1

      • History

        All questions must be answered. Failure to disclose proper history could invalidate and and all coverage.
      • MM slash DD slash YYYY
      • General Liability

      • Business Personal Property

      • Stock and Inventory Coverage

      • Cargo Coverage

      • Optional Promotion of your Business

      Marijuana Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services. Yes! It is true! Where there is a demand a market is created.  Check out the highlights of this program.


















      Loggers Broad Form Insurance

      Loggers Broad Form Insurance

      Loggers Broad form insurance is a general term used to possibly encapsulate a variety of insurance risks related to forestry dependent upon the Individual or Business operations and activities.

      For example; in the State of California a Forestry Contractor may be required to hold a License. The license type is referred to as License Timber Operators license (LTO).  More information can be viewed at the Cal Fire site located here. Licensed Timber Operators

      The Cal Fire site refers to “two” types of licenses that can be obtained depending on the kind of timber operations conducted.  Here is a copy/pasted excerpt:

      “Licensed Timber Operators have two different types of licenses depending on the kind of timber operations they are authorized to conduct. Licenses which begin with the letter “A” authorize the licensee to conduct any type of operations. Those licenses which begin with the letter “B” restrict the licensee to only the removal of minor forest products such as firewood and Christmas trees.”


      Application submissions can be made using our web site form or a .pdf form.

      To use the .pdf version click here APPLICATION LBF_third_party_LL

      Or use the web form below by checking the box

      Licensing Requirements for other States

      For the licensing requirements for other States refer to your State Department for oversight. You might also try to find performing a search on Ace911.com at AmericanContractorExchange.

      States where we provide Forestry Contractors Insurance

      For a list of States were Athena Insurance and Financial Services offers Forestry Contractors Insurance click here to be redirected to our main web site AthenaInsurance.com/about

      Types of Insurance Forestry Contractors may want to have

      This list is not exhaustive but does touch upon the primary types of Forestry Contractor Insurance that you may want to know about and have for your protection.

      • As a “Consultant” you should have “Professional Errors & Omissons” liability insurance
      • Loggers Broad Form Insurance
      • General Liability Insurance
      • Commercial / Business Auto Insurance
      • Workers Compensation
      • Inland Marine / Equipment Insurance
      • If a Corporation Directors & Officers Errors & Omissions Insurance
      • Employment Practices Liability

      The list above is only a partial list.  If your business is involved in the Processing and Manufacturing of timber products then also consider:

      • Business Interruption Insurance
      • Products Liability
      • Building
      • Inventory
      • Equipment Breakdown
      • If you business is also in the business of Transportation
      • Truckers General Liability
      • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage
      • Non-owned and Hired

      and the list goes on depending on your individual needs and operations.

      Job Posting and Business Listing FREE on Ace911.com!

      “Ace911.com we never leave a contractor behind”

      Are you looking for increase your business exposure for free? We recommend Ace911.com.  On Ace911.com you can, as a licensed contractor, create or claim a “free business listing” today! Check out Ace911.com today.

      Out of work and do not have money to post a resume.  Need to post a classified ad for work wanted but short on cash? Register on Ace911.com today and post your job resume’ for free.

      California Contractor License Bond

      California Contractor License Bond

      Get your no obligation rate quote today? You will love the prices! Need help? Call 209 223-1870 now.

      License/Application Fee No.
      Referral Code

      FAQ – What happens when I am not offered an instant issue bond? Call our office or complete the form below. Office number 209 223-1870.

      • Traditional California Contractor License Bond Quote request

        Use this form is you did not receive an instant quote indication above. We will provide you a quote in most instance within the same day. If you need assistance please call 209 223-1870 from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Kind regards,
      • MM slash DD slash YYYY
        We cannot back date any bond issuance / effective date
      • Underwriting Information

        Your information is secured and confidential.

      California Farm Insurance

      California Farm Insurance

      Our Companies

      Here is partial list of some 150 individual Insurance Carriers we write with. This list pertains to those we submit applications with for the Agricultural Sector.

      • ACE Agribusiness
      • ACE / Penn Miller
      • ACE / Rain & Hail
      • Allied / Nationwide Insurance
      • Liberty Agribusiness
      • Chubb
      • Fairmont
      • Firemen’s Fund
      • American Bankers Insurance Company
      • American Reliable Insurance Company
      • American Modern (small niche hobby farm)
      • Capitol Indemnity
      • Colony Insurance
      • Great American Insurance
      • Golden Eagle
      • Hartford Livestock
      • Markel Insurance Company
      • Travelers Insurance Group
      • United National
      • Mesa Insurance

      Also visit this site:

      Everything Agricultural.com

      Quote Homeowner Insurance

      Homeowner Insurance from Athena Insurance

      Great rates, excellent service and a friendly attitude.  At Athena Insurance we offer to our valued clients top names in the insurance industry. Names like The Hartford, Allied Nationwide, Mapfre, Travelers and many more. But there is more to our agency than what we just mentioned… (quote now)

      ” We know our business and we know how to protect your home. We offer a variety of discounts that will help you save your hard earned dollars! We do the shopping and comparing for you. All you have to do is provide us with the basic information and we take it from there. And with us… you are not just a number… “


      • Auto and home
      • Senior
      • Retired
      • Alarm system / monitored
      • Smoke detectors
      • Gated Community
      • Occupation
      • Civil Service / Fire / Police and more
      • Anti-lock brakes
      • Air bags

      Competitive Rates (quote now)

      You provide us with the basic information we need and we shop several insurance carriers for you for free!  There are no broker fees with us on any personal lines auto ever! We re-shop for you at your request and highly encourage it when there are significant changes in your underwriting criteria. Changes such as a move, marriage, children becoming of driving age, purchase of a new home, change in vehicle use and more…

      “It just makes sense to develop a relationship with a trusted Broker when they do not charge fees on auto, home, life, health, annuity, dwelling fire, jet skis, motorhome, ATV, boat and more. ..”

      Great Claims Service

      We have confidence in the Insurance Companies we rely on but we do not leave you alone ever. Nearly all of the claims offices allow you to report your claims directly to them during weekday office hours and some even have claims services 24/7.  Some have a web portal that allows you to register, report your claim, track the claims process and keep you up to date when it is convenient for you.  And if ever something goes even slightly less than what you expected from a Claims Adjuster… CALL US! We want to know right a way.  We will intervene for you to find out where the problem is and do our best to keep you satisfied.

      Knowledgeable Agents

      Your Broker / Agent has nearly 25 years experience in Personal Auto, Commercial Auto, Business Insurance, Farm & Ranch and more… He is here to provide you with excellent service so think about the knowlege he shares before you call him about your bill…   billing questions should be directed to customer support or directly to the billing departments.  Here is a Customer Service list. Click here.

      Reputable Names Can Trust

      Steve Valencia is an Authorized to sell AARP Agent and is directly appointed with The Hartford Insurance Company and others like Travelers, Civil Service Employees, MAPFRE, Kemper, Merced Property & Casualty, Allied Nationwide and more…

      and more…. (quote now)