Janitorial Insurance

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services Insurance We are happy to announce a new insurance product for the Janitorial Services Industry Sector.  All size from small business to multi-state.  Great rates and great coverage. [learn more…]


CBD and Hemp Insurance

Hemp, CBD & Marijuana Insurance Would you like to complete a Questionnaire to receive a quote application(s)? Consultation is FREE! 209 223-1870 Marijuana Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services. [learn more…]

Business Insurance

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

Garage Keepers Athena Insurance has the markets, prices and support you need to insured your Garage Exposure. With our “connections” to insurance carriers that specialize in Garage Keepers you have [learn more…]

Business Owners Insurance
Business Owners Package BOP

Business Insurance

Business Owners Package Business Owners Package Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services is the best. We offer a varierty of business owners packages such as insurance for this Floral [learn more…]


Marijuana Insurance

Hemp, CBD & Marijuana Insurance Marijuana Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services. Yes! It is true! Where there is a demand a market is created.  Check out the highlights [learn more…]


Loggers Broad Form Insurance

Loggers Broad Form Insurance Loggers Broad form insurance is a general term used to possibly encapsulate a variety of insurance risks related to forestry dependent upon the Individual or Business operations and [learn more…]

Covered California Small Group Health Insurance
Group Health

Covered California SHOP

Covered California SHOP is our Small Business Health Options Program Covered California SHOP is a health insurance marketplace developed for businesses with one to 50 eligible employees (An eligible employee [learn more…]

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