Steve Valencia
About Steve Valencia
Steve Valencia born in Hayward California is the Founder and Broker of Athena Insurance and Financial Services. He began his career in insurance in 1980.
Business Insurance

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

Garage Keepers Athena Insurance has the markets, prices and support you need to insured your Garage Exposure. With our “connections” to insurance carriers that specialize in Garage Keepers you have come to the right Insurance Broker. Contact  

Merced Insurance
Merced Property & Casualty Insurance

Merced Homeowners Insurance

We are proud to be a directly appointed agent with Merced Property & Casualty Insurance Company.  I have have been writing business with Merced since 1993! Merced offers a great auto & home discount package too. Call today to shop Merced Insurance. Thank you and Kind regards, Steve Valencia

Mobile Home Insurance
Manufactured Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance Mobile Home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services are the best! We fee it is the best because in addition to fast, friendly and kind service, we shop for the best prices and coverage’s with these fine companies… with no added fees. Aegis Security Insurance Company American Modern Insurance Company American Reliable Insurance Company Foremost Insurance Group In addition to those Mobile home Insurance and Manufactured Home Insurance market we have specialty insurance carriers that will provide [learn more…]

Associated Loggers the free Membership Site

Associated Loggers The free membership site.  NO fees, NO Dues no Mandatory meetings. Shop for insurance and possibly save thousands. How will be better? First of all we are free! No dues, no fees and no mandatory meetings. Next, your business will have access to free online advertising in our SEO’d business directory. Take control of your companies advertising and do it for free. You will have 24/7 access to create and update your online business so that other business and landowners everywhere will see [learn more…]

Business Owners Insurance
Business Owners Package BOP

Business Insurance

Business Owners Package BOP Business Owners Package Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services is the best. We offer a varierty of business owners packages such as insurance for this Floral Shop.  This business owner can rest assured, that after qualifying for a preferred package that she is covered with some of the best coverages in the World. But there is more to BOP’s than just insurance for Floral Shops.  Check this out…. read more. Retail Stores & Services – a wide variety of categories [learn more…]


Marijuana Insurance

Marijuana Insurance Marijuana Insurance from Athena Insurance and Financial Services. Yes! It is true! Where there is a demand a market is created.  Check out the highlights of this program.                                  


Loggers Broad Form Insurance

Loggers Broad Form Insurance Loggers Broad form insurance is a general term used to possibly encapsulate a variety of insurance risks related to forestry dependent upon the Individual or Business operations and activities. For example; in the State of California a Forestry Contractor may be required to hold a License. The license type is referred to as License Timber Operators license (LTO).  More information can be viewed at the Cal Fire site located here. Licensed Timber Operators The Cal Fire site refers to “two” types of licenses that can [learn more…]

California Contractor License Bond

California Contractor License Bond

California Contractor License Bond Get your no obligation rate quote today? You will love the prices! Need help? Call 209 223-1870 now. License/Application Fee No. Referral Code FAQ – What happens when I am not offered an instant issue bond? Call our office or complete the form below. Office number 209 223-1870.

Health Insurance
Dental and Life

Health, Dental & Life

Health, Dental & Life Insurance Important information regarding Athena Insurance and Financial Services Health plans. It is important to keep in mind that as Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers our status of service is that “You” are our priority. We are not employees of any of the insurance carriers we shop and evaluate for you.  Equally as important is the fact that you “DO NOT” pay more by using our services. So how do we get paid? Each Insurance Company we have access to has [learn more…]

Business Insurance
Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Insurance IT Insurance Athena Insurance specializes in technology insurance for businesses including self-employed individuals and IT Consultants working from home. We understand the risks you face, that’s why we offer technology insurance that is customized to your specific needs. We cover a wide range business… IT Consultants Application Service Providers Database Administrators/designers Computer Consultants Hardware Installation experts Integration Specialists IT Project Managers Online Security Specialists Software Developers Systems Designers Website Developers Professional Insurance Professional liability insurance, (errors and omissions insurance) protects your business if [learn more…]

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