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What you need to know dear client or prospect

We have access to State Compensation Insurance Fund via an agency agreement with a Managing General Agency.  The turn around process generally takes about two business day to receive a quote.  To begin your quote request click here:  State Fund quote

Payment Information

If you need to mail payments and payroll reports, please allow sufficient time for State Fund to receive the payments and payroll reports by the due date. If you pay by mail, payments received without bill stub will cause delays in processing your payment. Your must complete a payroll form even if no payroll has been paid out. 

Mail to:

State Compensation Insurance Fund
PO Box 7441
San Francisco, CA  94120-7441


Certified/Express/Overnight Mail to:

State Compensation Insurance Fund Dept. 107441
3440 Walnut Ave, Bldg A. Window H
Fremont, CA 94538