Logging Insurance Illinois

Logging Insurance Illinois

Logging Insurance Illinois is provided by Athena Insurance and Financial Services.  California Broker 0588228 and National 2709340.  Athena Insurance operates in all States except for Hawaii. Athena Insurance established 1996 and specializes in Logging, Construction and Agriculture Insurance Services


Athena Insurance and Financial Services
Broker: Steve Valencia
205 Court St
Jackson CA 95642

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Phone 209 223-1870  |  Fax 209 223-3227
email: insurance@athenainsurance.com

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Logging Insurance Types

  1. General Liability Insurance
  2. Loggers Broad Form Insurance – Felling, Skidding, Residential, Tree Trimming and removal and more,
  3. Log Truck Insurance – Options; cargo, gl, physical damage and excess
  4. Workers Compensation
  5. Commercial Auto
  6. Wildfire Fighting General Liability
  7. Inland Marine/ Equipment Scheduled & miscellaneous tools

Terms, conditions, exclusions and more will be discussed with you upon request.

Underwriting Requirements

The entire process begins with some “fact-finding” regarding your operational activities and business history.

You are welcome to call and schedule a free consultation.

Fact-finding questionnaires and applications will be provided upon request and the entire consulting and processing of your submission is free.  There is no obligation to purchase but it is anticipated we will write a majority of accounts we submit to our Managing General Agencies / Insurance Carriers.

The time to receive a quote “after all requirements are satisfied” takes approximately 4 working days on new venture and smaller accounts.
On larger accounts, the process may take up to 30 days.

Here is what is needed:

  1. Completed applications and application supplements
  2. If you have current and/or prior insurance in the last five years, order your “loss runs”,

How to obtain applications

You can obtain form and applications in the following ways:

  1. Call to speak with the broker overseeing the logging insurance at 209 223-1870 or email to insurance@athenainsurance.com

Quote Logging Insurance

Contact Us by clicking here.


We insured a wide variety of businesses in and associated with the logging and timber industry. Below is a partial list of the types of businesses we insure.

  1. Timber Fallers
  2. Masticators
  3. Loggers
  4. Log Truck Drivers
  5. Mobile Equipment operators
  6. Heavy Equipment Operators
  7. Tree Contractors
  8. Forest Consultants and other consultants
  9. Reforestation Contractors
  10. Sawmills
  11. Manufacturers
  12. Log Road Builders
  13. Land Clearing
  14. Licensed Timber Operators
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