Farm, ranch and agriculture are a major part of our services! It is such a large part of the services that we provide that we actually have several web sites developed to cater to specific States and Counties.  In addition we, are Sponsors of an Ag Social Site and Ag Directory called  Here is a list of those web sites for your viewing pleasure:



Construction is another large sector of our agency business.  We write the very large WRAP accounts all the way down to the new business one-person construction companies. Many of our smaller General Liability premiums are as low as $750.00 per year.  We feel so strongly about our Construction industry that we have developed a special site at

In addition to the specialty site we are proud Sponsors of the American Contractor site. With our help “any” Contractor or affiliated trade can register their business for free in 2015! Check it out and tell a friend.

Social Networking

Social Networking these days is a must.  We have “some” pages at Facebook, Linkedin and Google. In addition we are working on negotiating on two up and coming Event sites in the near future

Chambers and Bureaus

We are members of several County Farm Bureaus and our local Amador Chamber of Commerce in Amador County

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