Wildfire Insurance in California

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Update: We can still write fire insurance in California with certain conditions. First, a current photo of the front of the home is required and the numerical address must be visible. What happens if the address is not on the house or dwelling? You must submit another picture with the numeric address on the fence, mail box or fence. After submitting the information we can proceed to start the application process. Call 209 223-1870. We can gather the information we need in about ten to fifteen minutes or less. After this, we can apply for approval. The current turn-around time is 3-5 business days. Once approved, we can take a deposit (minimum 40%) Coverage cannot be bound on the same day as deposit. Call for more information. Note: a second policy will be required for the difference in conditions. We can provide cost estimates almost immediately but cannot proceed on the CA Fair Plan without the photos listed above.
Next, the CA Fair plan is now contemplating insurance for Wineries.