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Associated Loggers The free membership site.  NO fees, NO Dues no Mandatory meetings. Shop for insurance and possibly save thousands. How will be better? First of all we are free! No dues, no fees and no mandatory meetings. Next, your business will have access to free online advertising in our SEO’d business directory. Take control of your companies advertising and do it for free. You will have 24/7 access to create and update your online business so that other business and landowners everywhere will see [learn more…]

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Loggers Broad Form Insurance

Loggers Broad Form Insurance Loggers Broad form insurance is a general term used to possibly encapsulate a variety of insurance risks related to forestry dependent upon the Individual or Business operations and activities. For example; in the State of California a Forestry Contractor may be required to hold a License. The license type is referred to as License Timber Operators license (LTO).  More information can be viewed at the Cal Fire site located here. Licensed Timber Operators The Cal Fire site refers to “two” types of licenses that can [learn more…]

Loggers Broad Form

Loggers Broad Form Application submissions can be made using our web site form or a .pdf form. To use the .pdf version click here APPLICATION LBF_third_party_LL Or use the web form below by checking the box