Insurance and Marketing

Athena Insurance was founded in 1996. The founder, Steve Valencia, focused on Life, Health and Annuity in 1980 before gravitating to the eventual founding of Athena Insurance and Financial Services.

Let us fast forward to 2019

Today Athena Insurance and Financial Services is licensed in 48 States and will be licensed in all 50 States shortly.

The types of insurance we write is far and wide.  We have access to nearly 200 insurance carrier and a mass of various insurance products:

  1. Life
  2. Health
  3. Annuity
  4. 401K
  5. Property
  6. Casualty
  7. Flood
  8. Personal
  9. Business
  10. Farm
  11. Timber
  12. Transportation
  13. Main Street Business
  14. Construction
  15. Workers Compensation
  16. Cannabis/Hemp
  17. Home
  18. Auto
  19. Vacation Rental
  20. Vacant

There is virtually no type of insurance we cannot write with a few exceptions.

The Agency of Athena Insurance and Financial Services is 100% wholly owned by Steve Valencia.  Steve also owns a marketing company by the name of S Valencia International.

The schedule that Steve keeps is long and includes a seven day a week trek for most of the year.  Friday – Sunday are dedicated to Marketing unless with family.

Here are some of the web projects that are slated for S Valencia International


Many of the web sites listed above has an online business directory. If you are interested please let us know and we will see what is available in terms of a discount coupon or any specials.

Want free event posting and advertising?

Check out and  (the sites are currently under reconstruction. )