Growing Strong Now wht-12042015

Everyday there are millions of entertainment and activity events across the globe. For nearly a decade Athena Insurance and Financial Services has envisioned becoming a major force in the insurance arena.  We are seeing our hard work finally starting to pay off with the development of a major events network and social site called®

We will be advertising our Entertainment, Restaurant, Bar & Pub and Hotel insurance package program in nearly 10 States with the assistance of®


For several years we have heard our competition “viciously rumor” about us getting out of the insurance business. This is NOT true. They rumor we are moving into the internet and web design business and may be quiting the insurance business to shake the confidence of our prospects and clients. The “tactic” is not only morally wrong it is ethically wrong. (possibly slanderous)

This is what some people do when they either want to put fear into someone or shake the confidence of someone shopping for insurance.. If this is the tactic that is used one would have to ask themselves “What else would they do as my agent?” Or, maybe that agent’s thinking is… if I belittle the competition I raise myself up in my prospects eyes!  Whatever the case may be. Bring it!

Insurance by Day! Web by Night and Weekends

It’s true. I work evenings and many a weekend in developing our marketing strategy. I do not deny that it is like me having a second job. I do work hard to grow the agency. I work just as hard to meet our Client’s needs every day. The great part of working and developing my skills as a web designer (for the agency) is that I do not have to pay a web designer AND I get to be creative. I like it. I get to work with photo editing, various software programs and graphics. But there is more…

With the Events site I have joined a Dart league. I will soon join a fishing club and also begin my wine tours to promote events. I get to do this in my spare time and Wow! “It will be fun!”

In the web site development side of things I have researched opera houses and wineries from the globe as well as our Nation. It would nice to promote their events and have them see an ad right? And..oh.. restaurants!  I cannot wait to go visit and write a review (Did I mention I write restaurant insurance? Double wow!)  Any Business that has events will be a prospect to earn advertising and subscription income. (We sell event cancellation, performer, film production and other event related insurance too…so)

Geeeza guys. Can you quit being so nasty on your comments. It could come back to haunt you in the long run.

Our goal is to increase our market presences and increase our geographic footprint by  advertising on® Nationwide. The goal of this social site is to increase public participation to over 5 million views per year or more!  That is a lot of viewers to see our advertising and the advertising of others.

Already this evening and weekend work have paid off on such sites as California Farm  

Another upcoming web site that I believe will rival Angies site is (details will be divulged next season)

At®  all event posting for the public and business owners are free. Registration is free also. (Business listings are not free.  Please visit the site for more information.)

Finally, we have four other Social web sites that will rival®  And our strategy will be similar on those sites as well.

Insurance by Day. Web by Night.

Kind regards,

Steve Valencia

aka: Wolfie