Attention Employers & Job Seekers

Hi, my name is Steve Valencia. I am the Founder of Athena Insurance and Financial Services and S Valencia International.

Today, 07/18/2020, I am introducing you to some of our new web projects for Employers and Job Seekers.

Our Job Board Sites


We have a few job board sites for you to view.  This first site is a Nationwide Job Seeker  and Employer Seeking Worker site call is deep and wide jobs board for people seeking employment and employers seeking workers.  This is but one of our Jobs Board Sites.

Next up!

As the name suggests, this sites’ job board is intended for Loggers of all types and “associated” types of occupations such as foresters, log haulers, excavation contractors and tree contractors.

Then we have a Contractor site

And finally, we have is targeting Agricultural jobs and employers seeking farm workers and others.  There is a great deal of good to come from

Thank you for stopping by.  Feel free to write using our contact form here.  Contact form