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One of our many “niche” markets is Construction

From the Multi-Million dollar projects to the local Handyman replacing a screen door…  We never leave a Contractor Behind. Athena Insurance and Financial Services has been providing Construction Insurance Services since 1996.  Our reputation and market reach is among the top in the industry.  Here are just a few of the Partners we have:

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Our Contractor Markets

  • ACE American Insurance Company
  • Admiral Insurance Company
  • AIG Specialty Insurance Company
  • Allied Insurance Company
  • American Safety
  • Amtrust
  • Arch Specialty Insurance Company
  • Axis Surplus Insurance Company
  • Benchmark
  • Berkley Assurance Company
  • Capitol Specialty Insurance Corporation
  • Catlin Specialty Insurance Company
  • CBIC
  • CNA / Western Surety
  • Colony Insurance Company
  • Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company
  • Developers
  • Endurance Insurance
  • Essex Insurance Company
  • Evanston Insurance Company
  • First Mercury Insurance Company
  • Gemini Insurance Company
  • Golden Bear Insurance Company
  • Great Divide Insurance Company
  • Guardian
  • Hanover
  • HCC Specialty
  • Houston Casualty Company
  • Insurance Company of the State of PA
  • Landmark American Insurance Company
  • Liberty
  • Lloyds of London
  • Mt. Hawley Insurance Company
  • Mercer Insurance Company
  • Natilus Insurance Company
  • National Union Fire Insurance of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Navigators Specialty Insurance Company
  • North American Capacity
  • Phildelphia
  • Platte River Insurance Company
  • Preferred Contractors Insurance Company
  • RSUI Ind. Company
  • Senca Specialty Insurance Company
  • Topa Insurance Company
  • Travelers Insurance Group
  • United Specialty Insurance Company
  • United Fire Insurance Company
  • Victory
  • Westchester Fire Insurance Company
  • Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company
  • Western World Insurance Company
  • Zurich U.S.

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