“We never leave a Contractor behind!” Several years ago I invested heavily into the production of a Contractor Exchange site.  Mistakes were made, we hired a team from overseas, we did not anticipate a recession and we leveraged out so far that we almost did not recover. The recovery process has been slow but steady Taking a “step back and licking our wounds” took eight long years!  During that period in 2008 we had to file for protection to keep the agency going.  It was [learn more…]

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One of our many “niche” markets is Construction From the Multi-Million dollar projects to the local Handyman replacing a screen door…  We never leave a Contractor Behind. Athena Insurance and Financial Services has been providing Construction Insurance Services since 1996.  Our reputation and market reach is among the top in the industry.  Here are just a few of the Partners we have: For detailed information regarding our Construction Insurance Services visit our Construction / Builders site at Our Contractor Markets ACE American Insurance Company Admiral Insurance [learn more…]