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California Associated Loggers, aka: is your “FREE!” Loggers Business Directory with all the extras. Directory, jobs, insurance, questions & answers, banner advertising, sponsors, event advertising and more. Some free, some at a cost. Click here for a view of the many features.

No purchase required to become a member. So one may ask, “how will this site be funded?”  That is a good and fair question.  The answer is, this, “It is true that no purchase is required but the fact is that many businesses do use our insurance services.  This patronage assist us in making improvements. This site attracts Loggers and others from accross the Nation who are seeking insurance for many types of “specialized” insurance for loggers, log truck drivers and others.

Members that upgrade to a “Featured” listing for a subscription cost and some job posting features come at a slight cost. This too helps us to pay for the expenses associated with the development and maintenence of the site.  Banner advertising and Sponsorships are another area that

The site is designed for a certain “limited” type of listings. All listing types offer both a “FREE LISTING” and a FEATURED LISTING.  (featured listing are not free) Below is a “current” list of the primary listings:

California Associated Loggers Mission

California Associated Loggers mission is to make our site the universal loggers site across the nation.  AL” is to make a profit by providing a web based service.  We are a “for profit” business that must provide a service to you that is useful.  We want to not only meet that challenge of providing such a service but exceed your expectations too.

About Associated Loggers

More information can be found by viewing many of our “About, Services & Features” on the home page. Here are some links:

Geographic Foot Print

As many of you know if a web site has a web address it can be seen from around the World so it is pointless to say that. Instead I would like to say that our design team will focus on the Logging and Timber industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico for now.

How can we make such a “foot-print”? We will use the latest technology SEO (search engine optimization) to make our site visible to search engine browsers when they are seeking your kind of business. If you would like to know more about SEO you can google it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of instances of the keyword SEO or search engine optimization.  And when you do your research it will not take long to see that it takes time and money to perform the task of SEO.

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