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The free membership site.  NO fees, NO Dues no Mandatory meetings. Shop for insurance and possibly save thousands.

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Insurance for Loggers and the Timber Industry

Athena Insurance will offer it’s services to the Timber Industry for General liability, Loggers Broad Form, Workers Compensation, Trucking General Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, Equipment, Life and Health.  As Independent brokers we operate in the best interest of “each independent business” and not try to “sway” members into any “one” carrier for our benefit.  We work for the client… not the insurance carrier. How can we do that?

How is it that we can represent the client and not the company?  The answer is… we enter into written agency contracts with both insurance carriers or their Managing General Agent to market and produce business in accordance with State laws and insurance carriers underwriting accepted practices.  At this time, and hopefully always, we work with carriers that do not force us to produce a certain “amount” of volume with them in order to maintain the insurance policies.

In addition we are free to look at each business individually and find the insurance that is just right.

Do you know of someone in the Timber Industry? Please share your finding with them today.

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Athena Insurance and Financial Services

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