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Looking for a good career in the insurance industry? Athena Insurance and Financial Services has all the markets that you may ever need with the most reputable insurance carriers in the insurance industry.

“Deep and wide” We have more markets than many brokers in the United States”

Personal lines

Athena Insurance has agency agreements with Insurance Companies (direct) and the Managing General Agencies (indirect) to perform insurance services for our Client’s in nearly all States within the United States.  Personal lines auto, home, recreational, collectibles, life, health, dental and more.

Commercial Lines

There is literally no company that we cannot compete with now or into the future. We cannot guarantee that our markets will always be the cheapest! And that is where you come into play. We know that “wise” individual chose to know their agent and have that personal connection when ever there is a need to reach out and speak with “their agent.”  What you do have is an arsenal of qualified and experienced company underwriters that will assist you in nearly every step of the process and a management team at Athena that is motivated to assist you.

Specialty Lines

With admitted and non-admitted markets we have carved out an appetite for Agriculture, Construction and Specialty Business.  Athena Insurance and Financial Services has long standing relationship with MGA’s that specialize in just these kinds of markets. So what does this mean to you? It means that you should never run across a Prospect that you cannot help. That my friend can translate into more income to you.


Our primary focus on Surety Bonds is geared for the Construction Industry. Athena Insurance has the ability to offer bonds with a capacity into the tens of millions of dollars for Contractors. Too busy to take care of the smaller license contractors bonds? Not a problem. In some States we have a fully automated “instant” issued bond services. If the Contractor qualifies..they simply pay at point of service, print of a temporary bond card and the information is sent directly to the State licensing board.  For other bonds, including bond for individuals that do not qualify for the “best” rates… we can help them too.  There is virtually no license bond we cannot write with certain exceptions.

Although our primary focus is on bonds for the Construction Industry we also offer just about any kind of bond you can ever need with the exception of bail bonds.


We are contemplating writing business throughout the United States and certain lines within Mexico and Canada. For a list of States in which we are currently located click on this link here.  Licenses:Click Here

Markets and Carriers

This Insurance Agency was built “from the ground up in 1996.” Back then we had no more than a half dozen direct appointments and nearly twice that with access indirectly through MGA’s.  Mixing and matching Auto and Home and the hard to place excess surplus lines were are main stay. There was no “silver spoon” handed to us by our Daddy’s and Mommie’s before us.  We understand the importance of each and every account that comes to us.

Today we have Allied, Hartford, Progressive, Mapfre, Merced and nearly 200 more insurance carriers to meet the need of just about any risk.  Our primary focus is on Agriculture, Construction and Marine.

Other areas of great significance is personal auto, home, dwelling, recreational and flood insurance.

Advertising & Marketing

“Insurance by Day! Web by Nights!”

Athena Insurance has gone through great pains to have nearly twenty  Insurance Specialty web sites under development to meet the needs of the public. Below is a list of  sites either slated for development or under ongoing development.

  • California Farm
  • United States Flood
  • Contractor
  • American Contractor
  • Everything
  • Arizona Farm
  • Dig My Big
  • Statewide Trucking
  • Western Marine
  • Rent It or Buy
  • and several more…

Agent Compensation

We pay one the highest rates of commission in the insurance industry to independent insurance agents. All applicants must meet a stringent background investigation and have a minimum of five years experience. Applicants must have attained a designation and have current verifiable employment references.

Currently we are seeking to expand our book of agriculture in Arizona, California, Iowa, Nevada, Oregon and Texas.

For our Construction markets we are seeking to expand all areas of this sector including but not limited to General Liability (all classes), Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Builders Risk, Pollution Liability, WRAP, Surety (license, bid & performance, contract)

Service Staff

I believe we have the best when it comes to customer service. We are dedicated to meeting the satisfaction needs of every client we take on as a client

Qualification Requirements

  1. Uphold the highest Ethical Standards
  2. Minimum 5 years licensed in Property & Casualty
  3. License must be current
  4. Spotless criminal and financial background
  5. Certified for area of expertise
  6. Ability to self manage and produce quality business
  7. Above average communication skills
  8. Posses knowledge of completing submission accurately
  9. Great time management
  10. Desire to make a substantial income
  11. Posses the ability to meet a new business production quota

For candidates interested in becoming an Athena Agent mail your resume to

Athena Insurance and Financial Services
P.O. Box 390
Pine Grove CA 95665


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