“We never leave a Contractor behind!”

Several years ago I invested heavily into the production of a Contractor Exchange site.  Mistakes were made, we hired a team from overseas, we did not anticipate a recession and we leveraged out so far that we almost did not recover.

The recovery process has been slow but steady

Taking a “step back and licking our wounds” took eight long years!  During that period in 2008 we had to file for protection to keep the agency going.  It was a very stressful time.  The financial losses were substantial and we cut everywhere we could. It all seemed so hopeless.

Foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy reorganization and loss of insurance markets and a failed investment would have been the doom of just about any business person.  I thank God for the strength to carry on.

One day when I literally sat with my elbows on the desk, tears running from my eyes a thought passed through my mind…”How am I going to make it? How can I pay all these bills and recover? I certainly do not want to get old and die in poverty.” And then the spirit came upon me…

It was as if I had been touch on the top of my head and the inner spirit said..”Focus on what YOU CAN DO… and leave the rest up to me.”

“Focus on what ” I can do ” and leave the rest up to you?”

I lifted my head from my hands, looked down at some quote requests and one at a time I began to make calls, follow-up on other leads, began to study and learn WordPress and took one step forward…one step at a time….thus,  working the weekends and evenings.  “Little by little” the effects of the financial scare started to subside.  And… I took full control of the web projects with help from Wordpress and with help from some very special people in the community.  I thank many of them greatly.

Recently Migration from American Contractor

I would like to announce our target date to launch  It is June, 2017.  Registrations for use of the site can begin as early as 03/17/2017 St. Patty’s day.  By July we should have every licensed contractor in the United States listed with a free listing. YOU, can sponsor a contractor, refer them, set up their free listing and then let them know to come claim it.  Go to for more details.

Radio Advertising with KVGC Hometown Radio

If all goes as anticipated we will one again work with Mike and Jim and KVGC Home town radio to begin some really cool commercials. Love those guys and gals.   Well.. time to get back to my insurance work but know this. will also offer the following items.  Thanks for reading.

  1. Classifieds Buy n Sell
  2. Store
  3. Vendor Sales
  4. Real Estate Agent’s directory
  5. Real Estate List/find property
  6. Appraiser Directory
  7. Lender Directory
  8. Contractor Directory
  9. Contractor Document Center
  10. Insurance Directory

Have a great day!

Kind regards,

S Valencia